2019 RMPA Application

Please take your time and carefully review all of the following before completing the application:

2019 RMPA Handbook (containing policies, procedures - Revised 10/30/2018)

2018 WGI Adjudication Manual & Rulebook

2019 Spiel Sheet

Also Available:

RMPA By-Laws

Registration Opened:

November 12, 2018 Payment is due by January 14, 2019

All registration and payments received after January 14, 2019 will be assessed a $100 late fee

Registration Closed:

January 14, 2019 at 10:00 am.  There are no refunds.

Show participation confirmations will be distributed by January 15, 2019. Any adjustments will be due from the Ensemble Director by January 20, 2019.


Please note: All units are required to participate in the Evaluation Clinics; upon professional review your classification may be reassigned to a more appropriate classification.
Mailing Address
Address *
Primary Individual responsible for this ensemble
This is the only person who will be allowed to make schedule changes and perform other administrative tasks throughout the season.
Primary Contact *
Primary Contact
Phone Number *
Phone Number
Secondary Individual responsible for this ensemble
This person will recieve all RMPA e-mails throughout the season, but will not be able to request schedule changes or perform other administrative tasks
Secondary Contact *
Secondary Contact
Phone Number *
Phone Number
Head Parent/Admin Contact
Who will communicate with us regarding info like senior/age-outs photos, ads for the Championship program, parent event volunteers (Championships, Regional), etc.?
Head Parent/Admin *
Head Parent/Admin
Phone Number *
Phone Number
Band Director (if Scholastic ensemble)
Independent Ensembles just repeat your Director info
Band Director Name *
Band Director Name
Head of Booster Club/Organization
Who aside from the Director should we contact regarding payment/fees?
Booster Contact
Booster Contact
Which purchase option are you choosing? *
Which events will your ensemble be attending?
2/2/2019 - *CONCERT CLASS* Evaluation Clinic @ Ponderosa High School *
This is for **Concert Class** ensembles only
2/9/2019 - *MARCHING CLASS* Evaluation Clinic @ Standley Lake High School *
This is for **Marching** ensembles only (including all Winds Units)
2/16/2019 - RMPA Contest #1 @ Highlands Ranch High School *
2/23/2019 - RMPA Contest #2 @ Centaurus High School *
3/2/2019 - RMPA Contest #3 @ Harrison High School *
3/16/2019 - RMPA Contest #4 @ Mountain Range High School *
3/23/2019 - RMPA Contest #5 @ Longmont High School *
4/6/2019 - RMPA Championships @ U.S. Air Force Academy *
3. Agreements
2019 RMPA Member Handbook - "I have read the 2019 RMPA Member Handbook and agree to the information contained therein." *
2019 WGI Adjudication Manual & Rulebook - "I have read the 2018 WGI Adjudication Manual & Rulebook, and understand the WGI policies, classifcation information, and scoring procedures that RMPA follows." *
Liability Release - "I have read the 2019 Notification of Non-Liability, Consent and Release contained within the 2019 RMPA Member Handbook, and agree to the information contained therein." *
Copyright Release - "As director, instructor, or ensemble representative, I hereby agree to secure the use of and/or gain the permission of the publisher, composer, or author, for any published or copyright protected material that our ensemble will be performing during the 2019 RMPA season, as requested by ASCAP/BMI or any other similar organization. I further hereby hold harmless the Rocky Mountain Percussion Association, its' members, staff, management team, and board of directors from any misuse of this material caused by my failure to gain such permission." *
Scholastic Eligibility - "If this is a Scholastic ensemble, I hereby certify that all members of the ensemble have been approved for participation by the Principal of the sponsoring school." *
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Submitted by: