2019 Spiel Sheet


We follow WGI's model for announcements, which includes only the following information:

  • ensemble Name, location, Director Name, and program title

Program information is due for all ensembles
before  Monday, February 11th, 2019
This form will then lock

If you fail to submit your announcers and judges will not have your information

You may update Your Program Title information once more, if necessary,
on Monday March 11th, 2019
following the WGI Denver Percussion & Winds Regional

This information must be locked in for the remainder of the season, for the support of our announcing and judging community, as well as the lead time for printing our Championships program.


1. Ensemble Information
2. Program Information
3. Director (Please spell any particular pronounciation phonetically if need be)
Director *
4. *Optional* Information
This will not be announced, but can be provided in the Championship program, as well as online
If you want to list your movements, selections, etc.
2017 RMPA Champion, etc...
To the parents, sponsors, boosters, etc...