Black Diamond Percussion

Class: PIO

Director: Eric Kruse

Staff: Michael Williams, Abigail Thomas, Ben Parnell, Hallie Shield, Alex Rich, Tyler Vandermeer, Ivan Fees, Travis Yager, Zack Hall, Marcus Neudigate, Aaron Gutierrez & Sean McElroy

2018 Program: The Doors of Perception


Black Diamond would like to thank our incredible sponsors, Zildjian, Remo, Vic Firth, Winter Guard Tarps, and I huge special thanks to Keith Bisaillon and Harrison High School for providing us with an amazing home!

RMPA Championship History:

  • 2018 PIO Champion, 85.225 - "The Doors of Perception"


WGI World Championship History:



2755 Janitell Road
Colorado Springs, CO, 80906


RMPA Champion:

  • 2018