2017 RMPA Registration information

Updated 12/10/16

This includes some abbreviated information from RMPA policies relevant for registration - Please review all RMPA Policies in full.


RMPA Membership

Active membership will be provided upon registration, paid membership fees and acceptance by the Board of Directors.

Privileges of Active Membership

  • Ability to participate in all Registered RMPA competitions during the 2017 competitive season.
    (Novice Class members may participate in up to 3 contest, excluding Championships)
  • Ten (10) Passes for Staff, Parents or Assistants and One (1) Band Director Pass.
  • Two (2) Parking Passes for truck/trailer parking at each 2017 RMPA competition (provided by email)
  • Electronic copy of 2017 WGI Adjudication Manual & Rules (A password to the WGI Rule Book page will be provided upon submitting registration).


  • Online registration will be available beginning December 18, 2016 at 10:00 am
  • Prelims schedule, by class, for RMPA Championships will be determined by a Blind draw. 
  • To activate your registration, full payment must be received by January 22, 2017
  • all payments received after January 22, 2017 will be assessed a $100 late fee
  • Show participation confirmations will be distributed by January 23, 2017. Any adjustments will be due to Amanda montemayor from the Ensemble Director by January 28, 2017
  • Registration will be closed at 12:00am January 22, 2017

Membership Fees

  • Novice Class:
    • $400
  • All Other Classes :
    • Bundle Membership for the first ensemble
      • $1,000 (Includes the Evaluation Clinic, 2017 RMPA Day of Percussion, Unlimited Individual & Ensemble Competition Entries, Entry to all 5 regular season contests, 2017 RMPA Championships, 10 Staff Passes, and 10 Pit Passes)
    • Individual Event Registration
      • $100 RMPA Membership & Evaluation Clinic (this includes 10 Staff Passes), $200 Per regular season contest (There are 5), $300 RMPA Championships, $50 for 10 Pit Passes
    • $400 for addition ensembles from the same school/organization
    • $400 for Associate Membership (Evaluation Clinic & RMPA Championships only)


Please make checks payable to:

Rocky Mountain Percussion Association
2536 West 99th Place
Denver, CO 80260

Credit card payments are accepted in our OnLine store.

Late Registration Fee

For registrations received after January 22, 2017 ensembles will be charged a late fee of $100.

No registrations will be accepted Beyond January 26, 2017.




  • Please review the full policy about Contest Check-In
  • Additional individuals assisting ensembles with equipment and instruments must purchase admission to be allowed into the performance area. Any payments for Season Pit Passes must accompany your registration fee (due by January 22, 2017)


  • Please Review the full Policy about Contest Dates/Locations
  • Show Host applications will be reviewed by the Board of Directors and accepted on a first-come, first-served basis with priority given to those locations which have previously hosted RMPA shows successfully. Hosts for RMPA contests will be responsible for all Four (4) judges paychecks ($1,600 for a Finals Only show). The host for the Evaluation Clinic will be responsible for One (1) clinician paycheck ($400 for Evaluation Day)
  • As with WGI Championships, indoor warm-up areas are not guaranteed at any competition, but will be equally offered, if available. We are working to provide covered warm-up tents for 2017 events
  • If a Winds Ensemble is participating at the event, hosts must provide an indoor warm up area

Evaluation Clinic

All ensembles registered to compete in the A or Open classes are required to attend the Evaluation Clinic. Attendance by World Class groups is optional, but encouraged.

Out-of-State Ensembles

Video link must be submitted to RMPA at least 7 days prior to the competition - this will be reviewed for classification purposes.

Participant Cancellations

Any schedule adjustments will be due to Amanda montemayor from the ensemble point-of-contact by January 28, 2017. Ensembles cancelling their participation in an RMPA competition less than 15 days prior to a competition are subject to a penalty of $100, to be paid to RMPA prior to the ensemble competing in their next scheduled RMPA competition. Non-payment will result in the ensemble being ineligible for participation in subsequent RMPA contests. This fee applies to cancellations by any ensemble for any reason. the cancellation fee will be provided by RMPA to the host school to compensate them for lost revenues.

RMPA Championships

  • Please review the full Policy about RMPA Championships
  • Two (2) VIP passes to RMPA Championships will provided to each ensemble for use by school administrators or other VIPs as designated by the director of each ensemble. Requests must be received via our VIP Form by April 2, 2017
  • Medals and Finalist Patches will be ordered in January based upon the count of ensemble membership noted on the registration forms, unless Ivan Fees is advised otherwise.


  • Please review the Full Policy about Contest Time/Lineup
  • Timeline for each specific contest will be published on the website at least 13 days prior to the competition date

For any further questions on registration or scheduling please contact Amanda Montemayor



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